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Territorials commemorate their patron, WWII hero

Soldiers of the 4th Warmia Mazury Brigade of the Territorial Defence Force (WOT) took part in the ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of murdering their patron, captain Gracjan Fróg nom de guerre “Szczerbiec”.

Remains of three Stalinism victims found at former jail site in Warsaw

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Captain Gracjan Fróg, the commander of the 3rd Brigade of the Home Army, was a living legend among partisans fighting with the Nazi Germans and the so-called Indomitable Soldier.

After the fall of Poland in 1939, Szczerbiec continued fighting with the German occupant. From September 1943, the 3rd Brigade of the underground Home Army fought with Lithuanian and German units (police and military).

When the Red Army entered Poland, he did not lay down his arms either. He was arrested by the Soviet military police NKVD but managed to escape from the camp in March 1946.

After WWII, falsely accused of collaboration with the Nazi Germans, “Szczerbiec” was apprehended by the communist secret police in 1948 and killed on May 11, 1951. His burial place remains unknown to this day.

The symbolic grave of “Szczerbiec” is located at the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw.

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