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Ready for ambassadorial mission: Poland’s prospective ambassador to UN

“I deem myself prepared for the ambassadorial mission to the UN,” the incumbent head of the International Policy Bureau (BPM) of the President’s Office (KPRP) Krzysztof Szczerski, Poland’s prospective ambassador to the UN, told journalists in the wake of his approval by the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee.

On Wednesday, the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee positively opined the candidature of Krzysztof Szczerski to the post of Poland’s Ambassador to the UN.

Having said that he was ready for the job, the official added: “it is one of the diplomatic posts that I frequented over the past six years. I must have been well over a dozen times in the UN [HQ] over the past six years, privately and accompanying Mr President as well. I believe it is the place for which I have been consistently preparing myself while working at the Presidential Palace.”

Mr Szczerski said that he was happy with the committee’s decision. “I am exhilarated because it is truly important to me to go to such an important office that can be granted only by the Polish parliament, meaning, as a result of discussions with various political forces. This is because the office of an ambassador is not just an office representing the Polish government but also the Polish state in all of its aspects and hues, also political ones,” he felt.

“My main task will be to represent the Polish politics formulated today by Mr President and the Polish MFA,” he stressed, adding that “should everything go according to plan… I should head to New York during the summer holidays.” He also specified that his transition to NY would most likely fall on in September as it was “the hottest period on the UN’s calendar”.

When asked who would succeed him as the head of the BPM of the KPRP, he replied that such a decision was at President Andrzej Duda’s discretion. He added that various candidates hadv e been considered.

Mr Szczerski will replace Joanna Wronecka as Poland’s Ambassador to the UN as Ms Wronecka was appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to be the UN’s Special Coordinator for Lebanon.

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