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Senate voting date on Reconstruction Fund too late: officials

The Senate’s speaker Tomasz Grodzki proposed that the Senate deal with the ratification of the Reconstruction Fund on May 27. However, politicians from Law and Justice (PiS), the senior party in Poland’s ruling coalition, believe that the Senate should deal with the matter earlier – between May 12-14.

“In our opinion, it should be as early as possible, because this bill consists of only two articles and there is no reason to present any other arguments. We believe that May 27 is too late”, Marek Martynowski, the head of the Senate PiS club said.

He announced that he would submit a formal motion to extend the Senate’s agenda.

“This is a mockery, this is world championship [level] parliamentary obstruction,” Senate deputy speaker Marek Pęk from PiS noted.

“The Speaker, Grodzki has the power to urgently convene Senate committees on this matter. Nothing stands in the way of us talking about it,” he said, adding that he would appeal to the Speaker on the matter.

“Ratification is a simple and clear document, consisting of two sentences, which should be adopted urgently and without amendments because Poland and Europe are waiting for it. There is no such sense of responsibility in the Senate majority,” Mr Pęk stressed.

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