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Scientific competition supporting projects with involvement of Belarusians

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) has announced a new competition within the “Solidarity with scientists” programme, carried out in cooperation with the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). It is an initiative supporting research projects involving scientists from Belarus.

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The competition for research projects with the participation of Belarusian scientists is another activity supporting the Belarusian academic community as part of the government initiative “Solidarity with Belarus.”

The director of the NCBR, Wojciech Kamieniecki explained that the new competition for units already involved in the “Solidarity with scientists” NAWA programme is “a real chance for the development of international scientific cooperation and better use of the research and development potential of Polish and Belarusian scientists.”

“Thanks to the cooperation between NAWA and the NCBR, scientists who have received NAWA scholarships for research stays at Polish universities and research institutes will be able to carry out their own projects, Grażyna Żebrowska, the NAWA director said.

As Mr Kamieniecki points out, the competition is the result of an agreement between NCBR and NAWA signed in December last year. “It is important that the know-how of both agencies is used for the internationalisation and promotion of science, innovation and Polish research units,” the director of the NCBR emphasised.

The Centre allocated PLN 6.25 mln (EUR 1.37 mln) to finance projects in the competition. The recruitment for proposals has already started and will last until July 30 this year. The results can be expected in the fourth quarter of 2021. Funding can be used to carry out basic research, industrial research and experimental development work.

“Due to the specifics of the competition, the submitted applications must relate to one of the selected fields of knowledge: natural, engineering and technical, medical and health sciences, agricultural, social, humanities. In order to finance Polish and Belarusian scientists for cooperation, no additional thematic restrictions were introduced,” the NCBR statement reads.

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