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Early summer? Temperature above 30°C recorded in Poland

In Kraków (southern Poland), the thermometers showed over 30°C on Tuesday. According to data from the Wola Justowska station of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW), the temperature increased there to 30.1°C.

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“Poland is bathed in sunlight, it is also very warm,” the IMGW said on social media. According to the Institute’s data from the Kraków-Wola Justowska automatic station, the temperature increase would mean exceeding 30°C for the first time this year.

“On Tuesday, the air temperature will be higher than on Monday. We can safely talk about the breeze not of spring, but of summer. The air that flows to us comes from North Africa,” Grażyna Dąbrowska, a weather forecaster of IMGW said.

The temperature in the western part of Poland is 27°C and in some places up to 28°C in the shade. In other parts of the country, in the warmest moment of the day, the temperature was also above 20°C.

Similar weather will continue on Wednesday in eastern and central Poland. “The front zone will enter the west, which will bring us an increase in cloud cover and rainfall. There will be storms, intense downpours and strong winds,” Ms Dąbrowska said.

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