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The ecological situation in the Baltic is not good: Scientist

The Baltic coast is a favourite holiday destination for many Poles, Unfortunately The Baltic seabed is marked by up to 50,000 tons of remnants from WWII, which are a ticking ecological bomb.

“The Baltic is a closed area, everything flows into it and not much can flow out, so generally speaking the ecological situation is not so good,” Prof Beata Więcaszek from the Department of Food and Fisheries of the University of Technology in Szczecin (North-west Poland) said.

The Problem will now be addressed by the EU. Pollution of the Baltic sea was raised by the initiative of Polish MEP’s Anna Fotyga in a letter signed by 39 MEP’s. “We express our deep concern about the threat that is still posed by chemical and conventional weapons sunk in the Baltic Sea after World War II. It is one of the main causes of pollution in the Baltic Sea and one of the most dangerous, as the effects of corrosion and leaks go beyond the borders of one country, they threaten health and security, with economic, social, health and environmental consequences, ” the letter said.

At the end of April, the European parliament adopted a resolution on the subject. The European Commission will examine the issue carefully and formulate its response over the next three months. The EC is to take this matter into account in its plan to achieve zero pollution.

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