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We encourage everyone to visit forest: Climate Minister

“We encourage everyone to participate in the “Stay in the forest” campaign, and thus rest in the bosom of nature,” said Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment, on Monday. The State Forests’ (Lasy Państwowe) program has been carried out throughout Poland since May 1.

As part of the “Stay in the woods” action, the State Forests made over 600 thousand hectares available in 425 forest districts. There will be designated areas where one can sleep.

Minister Kurtyka emphasised that the action is based on solid pilotage. At the same time, he encouraged everyone using the areas designated by the State Forests to comply with the regulations and not to leave rubbish, to inform foresters about their willingness to spend the night and to observe safety rules, especially fire safety rules.

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Edward Siarka recalled that Poland is one of the European leaders in terms of forest area, occupying almost one third of our country’s territory. “In the post- pandemic period, we are looking for opportunities to get away from virtual reality. (…) This is an opportunity to show biodiversity, the animal world, get to know Polish nature, feel close to nature” – he said.

The ambassador of the program is Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Małgorzata Gosiewska, who, as she admitted, has been a supporter of bushcraft for years.

Accommodation in a place made available by the State Forests is possible for nine people for two nights. If you want to stay overnight in a longer or larger group, please report it by e-mail to the address of the forest district office, no later than 2 working days before the planned overnight stay. The application requires an email confirmation from the forest district office, which is a formal consent to stay.

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