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Poland records highest ever solar power generation

Due to sunny weather across the country, shortly after noon on Wednesday, Poland recorded the highest solar power generation output in its history. Photovoltaic power plants covered almost 15 percent of the country’s demand for electricity.

On April 28, at 12.30 the photovoltaic power plants were generating 3,185 MW, while the total capacity of solar installations in Poland is 4,300 MW. Meaning that at the peak, green energy was provided by 75 percent of them.

The number of photovoltaic installations in the country is increasing each year. In 2020, their potential capacity increased by as much as 2,500 MW.

Solar panels are popular not only in single-family houses. More and more often, they can also be found in large-format stores or apartment blocks.

According to a report “Photovoltaic micro-installations market in Poland 2020”, every 12th building in the country is equipped with a home photovoltaic system. The value of this market last year amounted to nearly PLN 10 billion (EUR 2.18 billion).

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