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There is no consent to Russia’s aggression: Def Min

There is no consent to aggression. We are prepared to face an attack – it is about deterrence, about preventing the Russian expansionist policy from being continued,” the Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense was asked on Polish Radio 24 what actions Poland can take to help Ukraine in connection with, inter alia, the concentration of Russian troops on the border with that country.

“Our position is consistent – we show that there is no consent to aggression. This is a process that began in 2008, when President Lech Kaczyński with the leaders of our part of Europe stopped the Russian invasion of Georgia,” Mr Blaszczak stressed.

He also pointed out that the threats from the east must be taken very seriously. “Our task … is to strengthen the Polish Army and increase its numbers,” the Minister of Defense said.

Mr Blaszczak also emphasised that Poland was prepared “to face an attack,” adding that “it is about deterrence, it is about preventing Russia’s expansionist policy, Putin’s reconstruction of the Russian Empire.”

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