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Poles ready for energy sector transformation: report

There has been an “eco-breakthrough” in the minds of Poles as 41 percent of society is supporting the fastest possible energy transformation, the “Energy2020” report shows.

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see more website conducted the research in cooperation with IBRIS (Market and Social Research Institute) on the perception of the energy transformation in Poland. As noted, there have been changes in the social consciousness of the views of Poles on the current shape of the energy sector and the proposed changes in this sector.

According to the report, 41 percent.of Poles ęwant to switch to renewable sources as soon as possible, even at the price of the high costs of energy transformation, facing 3 pct of the society, which is ready to stick to coal energy for as long as possible.

32 percent of respondents are ready to pay higher gas and electricity bills to enable faster energy transformation of the country. According to 29 percent of those polled, Poland has a chance to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

“Poles also want the state to participate in the energy transformation. 87 percent of respondents believe that the production of energy from renewable sources (RES) should be financially supported by the state. Polish society also has specific views on individual renewable energy sources. 54 percent of respondents believe development of photovoltaics should be a priority and in second place – the wind energy (21 percent). Poles particularly appreciate offshore wind farms. As many as 68 percent of the public say that these installations contribute to the development of Polish industry,” the press release of the study reads.

The respondents were also asked about Poland’s energy security. 69 percent of them believe that the implementation of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will have a positive impact on Poland’s energy security. 71 percent of the respondents stated that gas supplies should not be taken just from one country.

The study was conducted on a group of 1,100 adult Poles from February 1 to February 11, 2021 using the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) method. They were carried out under the patronage of the Environment and Climate Ministry as well as the State Assets Ministry. The main partner of the “Energy2020” report was state-controlled PKN Orlen oil giant.

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