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Heroism is in our blood: President to newly appointed generals

“Our soldiers have always been heroic – it is in our blood. We were able to fight in the most difficult situations, but we also want our Polish soldiers to be well-equipped so that they can serve as safely as possible,” said President Andrzej Duda during the ceremony awarding the rank of general to several Polish army officers on Monday.

“We want soldiers to have good commanders,” said Andrzej Duda addressing the newly appointed generals.

“Gentlemen, you are certainly such good commanders, but you are also experts who know how to ensure that the Polish army has appropriate equipment (…) so that it provides soldiers with the best opportunity to perform this most important duty, which is guarding the security of the Republic of Poland and supporting our allies in building the security of the entire North Atlantic Alliance”.

The president thanked the generals and the soldiers for all their hard work and emphasised that Poland is still at the stage of “building a modern, well-equipped and well-trained Polish army.”

During the ceremony two Brigadier Generals – Dariusz Pluta and Piotr Trytek were appointed to the rank of Major General. Four colonels were also appointed to the rank of Brigadier General: Col. Krzysztof Kociuba, Col. Tomasz Kowalik, Col. Dariusz Mendrala and Col. Marek Wawrzyniak.

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