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Poland Ministry of Digital Affairs plans blockchain based government digitization


Poland’s Ministry of Development Affairs has announced an expansive plan which will explore blockchain technology in government digitization effort.

Ministry of Development, Digitization and Health are preparing a program titled “From paper to digital Polish” which will determine the directions of the development of e-state and digitization of the economy.

The announcement comes as the EU regulators are increasingly making efforts in order to understand the emerging blockchain technology. The digitization effort will seek to promote digital public services, the development of cashless solutions and the implementation of electronic identification (eID), reported.

According to the Ministry website, the document envisages the launch of two new initiatives: e-Entrepreneurship and Bitcoin; and Blockchain. It will open up the huge field for the development of Polish innovative projects related to digital currencies and non-repudiation of transactions and data (loosely translated).

The two new initiatives will aim to “find regulatory, legal and economic solutions” which will enable digital currency projects to compete in the European nation. said that there was an intensive dialogue between the Ministry of Digital Affairs and Poland’s bitcoin and blockchain tech industry, after which the announcement was made.

The country’s Ministry of Digital Affairs in April this year considered the digital currency and blockchain technology in a bid to drive digitization of government services. The remarks on bitcoin and blockchain technology were made in the “Strategic Action Priorities of the Minister of Digital Affairs in computerization of public service” issued in February this year.

The website said that the results of the team will be subjected to extensive public consultations and arrangements of government. There will be a second meeting in the month of July to discuss further on this.

Established in December last year, Ministry of Digital Affairs creates a digital boost for the development of Poland. The main tasks of the new ministry are to develop broadband infrastructure, support the creation of web content and e-services and promote digital competencies among citizens.

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