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Foreigners flock to Poland’s private clinics

Poland’s private clinics

Poland’s private medical services have been drawing growing crowds of visitors from abroad. Dentistry, plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures are among the most popular services in the country’s medical tourism industry.

In 2015, foreign patients spent some PLN 1.5 bln [EUR 340 mln] on medical care in Poland, the Polish Association of Medical Tourism reveals.

The total sum has doubled since 2011, when the overall value of the medical tourism market was estimated at PLN 780 mln [EUR 177 mln].

Patients travelling from abroad fork out up to PLN 75,000 [EUR 17,000] on medical procedures in private clinics, the association’s data show.

Foreign nationals most often opting for medical tourism in Poland chiefly come from Great Britain, German and the Scandinavian countries. The Polish Association of Medical Tourism, meanwhile, indicates that medical tourists travel to the country also from as far afield as the United States and Canada.

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