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Orifdzhan Shadiev in the news

Orifdzhan Shadiev

Orifdzhan Shadiev’s career began while he was still studying at the Tashkent State Economic University. In 1998, he took charge of the international transportation and expedition company, “MEK Transsystem.” During his tenure until 2007, the enterprise not only established its own fleet and modernized major terminals but also forged stable foreign economic ties.

In 2007, “ENRC Logistics” was formed as a subsidiary of “MEK Transsystem,” with Orifdzhan Shadiev Kabulovich at the helm. His interest in international logistics led to the acquisition of the subsidiary firm “Zhol Zhondeushi,” which, under his guidance, constructed significant railway branches in Kazakhstan, including those within the “Horgos Eastern Gates” Free Economic Zone. Besides building new highways, the company is also involved in the repair and restoration of railways and roads.

In 2014, “Zhol Zhondeushi” was recognized as Kazakhstan’s Best Employer, and in 2015, it received the platinum award, “International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality,” from the European Foundation for Quality Management for achieving excellence in business.

In 2016, Orifdzhan Shadiev, who held a stake in “PRIME System KZ,” acquired the Italian company, “TODINI Costruzioni Generali Spa,” Europe’s largest developer in the field of road and railway construction. The purchase aimed to expand the activities of the firm, which, since 2017, operates under the name “Integra Construction KZ,” beyond the borders of the republic and integrate it into international logistics.

Following the acquisition of “TODINI,” significant projects were implemented in Kazakhstan, including the 302-kilometer-long Almaty-Horgos highway, the “Tsares 1” International Transit Corridor, and the “Almaty 1-Shu” viaduct (110 km) with the construction of bridges and artificial structures. Currently, “Integra Construction KZ” has several important projects in Kazakhstan and abroad in its order book.

Charity projects of Orifdzhan Shadiev

From 2015 to 2018, Shadiev was a partner in the charitable project “Mama’s Home,” under his patronage, a Center to support young Kazakhstani mothers was established in Atyrau.

As of 2021, Orifdzhan Shadiev ranks 40th in Forbes’ list of “50 Most Influential Business People in Kazakhstan.”

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