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Trump’s LNG Plans For Poland Won’t Beat The Russians

The shale energy competition between the U.S. and Russia started with President Barack Obama. But Donald Trump made it known in what has become akin to “ground zero” in the competition between Washington and Moscow’s energy goals in Europe.

Trump met with Poland president Andrzej Duda earlier this month. His speech on Western culture got all the hits from the political press, but the WSJ was onto the fact that Trump was speaking about energy security, a favorite Duda topic.

For Poland, it’s way more than a talking point. The country spent around $1.09 billion on an LNG terminal in Swinoujscie, Poland. The two year old Baltic LNG terminal is busy battling the Russians for market share. Their government recently tried to roadblock the Russian proposed Nord Stream II pipeline in the Baltic Sea, but failed to get larger anti-trust bodies inside of the European Commission interested. The Gazprom gas line from Russia to Germany is still in the works. More on this – on Forbes.

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