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Eastern Poland set to benefit from major tourism investment

The development ministry has decided to invest PLN 200 million (EUR 45 million) into supporting the tourism sector in eastern Poland, hoping to help smaller companies expand their activities.

The money will come from leftover EU funding that was not spent during the 2007-2013 timeframe, and will be provided as low-interest loans to enterprises in Poland’s five eastern voivodships.

Deputy Development Minister Adam Hamryszczak told a press conference in Warsaw that the programme will last a decade, adding: “We are investing in tourism, expecting tangible economic effects.

“The money will go to micro, small and medium sized enterprises in eastern Poland, first in the form of preferential loans, and in future – depending on the market’s response – also in the form of other financial products.”

The government plans to start providing funding from the third quarter of 2017 onwards. The maximum loan to an individual project is expected to be PLN 500,000 (EUR 113,000), although this may change.

Projects which can be considered for the funding include those that invest in traditional crafts, local traditions, tourist accommodation, health resort infrastructure or the sale of regional products.

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