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FinMin plans to introduce ‘British-style’ tax system to Poland

Polish Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said he plans to introduce a “British-style” progressive tax system to the country. Morawiecki, who combines the role with that of Development Minister and deputy Prime Minister, on Friday told Polish Radio that the government plans to double the current tax-free bracket to include people earning PLN 6,600 (EUR. 1,500) a year.

“We want the nearly three million of the poorest people in Poland not to pay any taxes at all. I am referring to people for whom buying real butter is a luxury,” Morawiecki said, adding that the government has the needs of these poorer people at heart.

He said that he plans to introduce a “British style” tax system which would be more progressive than at present.

He added that the programme should enter into force in January 2017.

Last week, Morawiecki outlined plans to help businesses by cutting red tape and making life easier for small-and-medium sized firms.

The programme, dubbed “a Constitution for Business”, would allow small entrepreneurs to run a business without the need to register a company and pay social security contributions if their income is less than half the national minimum wage.

This would be particularly useful for people who provide part-time services like tuition and freelance design.

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