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Apple farmers protest low prices

Apple growers took to the streets of Warsaw on Monday to protest the low price of the fruit on wholesale markets and encourage the government to re-think export bans to Russia.

Farmers have reported that they are receiving as little as PLN 0.15 (EUR 0.03) per kilo of apples, Polish Radio said. This, the farmers explained, was far lower than what it costs to harvest the apples, risking many growers to go bankrupt.

Growers affiliated with the Association of Polish Fruit-Growers demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Warsaw on Monday, and demanded a change to the nature of sanctions against Russia, so as to allow for the sale of apples to the east. Another solution which was proposed was the introduction of government compensation for apple producers.

This was a bumper harvest year for apples in Poland. The industry has been particularly hit by the trade embargoes with Russia, a country which used to buy a huge chunk of Polish apple exports.

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