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3.6% GDP growth this year is realistic: Deputy Minister


Economic growth of 3.6 percent this year in Poland is “absolutely achievable,” Deputy Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński said on Wednesday.

“I would like us to achieve the [earlier forecast] level of 3.8 percent. But that is my optimistic expectation. Realistically I think 3.6 percent is absolutely achievable. It will be visible how the economy ramps in the second half of the year,” Kwieciński told reporters.

“The main stimulus is public investment projects… But private investment projects will also start,” he added.

According to an initial estimate by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), Polish GDP growth in the second quarter was 3.1 percent, below the 3.3 percent expected by many.

Some economists argued the second-quarter figure meant that it would not be possible to reach 3.8 percent growth this year, as forecast in the government’s budget.

Other experts said 3.8 percent growth in 2016 was still a possible, if an optimistic, scenario.

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