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Poland’s trade surplus rises to EUR 4.2bn

Poland’s foreign-trade surplus rose to EUR 4.2 bln in H1 from EUR 2.2 bln the year earlier, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) said on Friday. The surplus in June itself was some EUR 1.2 billion in a very strong result. Export growth quickened to 2.1 percent y/y from 1.2 percent between January and May.

June looks to have seen a big export jump of some 11 percent. Import growth fell to -0.2 percent in H1, from zero percent in the prior period.

In terms of country groups, Poland ran a large EUR 19.2 billion surplus with the EU, including a EUR 9.0 billion surplus with the Eurozone.

The country ran a big deficit of EUR15.4bn with developing nations but did not report numbers for the non-EU CEE.

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