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Polish American Forum wraps up in Rzeszów

Frank Spula

The Polish American Forum in Rzeszów, southeastern Poland, discussed business ties between the two countries. This was the first time the forum was held outside of the US.

Frank Spula, president of the Polish-American Congress, told Radio Rzeszów that the Polish diaspora in the US always defends the good name of Poles and Polish culture.

Spula added that the forum included business people from the United States interested in investing in Poland. He emphasised the role of trade between the two countries.

The meeting was also attended by over 50 delegates of the Polish American Congress and more than 70 members of the Polish diaspora in the US, Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Among the participants of the forum was the Speaker of the Polish Senate, Stanisław Karczewski.

“The fact that this forum is being held in Poland is phenomenal,” Karczewski said

Addressing the guests from the US, he said: “We look forward to working with you, hoping that we will meet very often and talk.

“We will continue supporting your various initiatives. We will support Polish culture, history and tradition. We will support the media outlets of the Polish community in the US, as well as the patriotic celebrations and the teaching of Polish language. We are open to dialogue,” Karczewski said.

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