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US State Department shooting for TTIP deal this year


The US State Department is hoping that negotiations with the EU on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are finalised this year. Catherine Novelli, US Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, told Poland’s IAR news agency that both sides should be interested in working out a compromise soon.

Novelli said: “Our trade and investment relationship… is the largest in the world – USD 3 billion of goods and services every single day. And it’s supporting 1.3 million jobs across our countries.”

The United States and the European Union have been negotiating the free trade deal for three years.

Polish deputy Prime Minister and Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has recently raised doubts about the judicial procedures proposed in the TTIP, especially when it comes to dispute resolution through arbitration tribunals.

In May, the Polish Ministry of Agriculture said it would not agree to provisions that threaten Polish farmers.

Opponents of the agreement say that after signing the deal, Poland would be inundated with cheap, unhealthy food, and the market would exclude Polish farmers.

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