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Business services sector occupies 2 million sq m of modern office space in Warsaw

According to JLL, the business services sector in Poland currently occupies approx. 2 million sq m of modern office space. This amount continues to grow due to the ongoing development of the sector’s companies which obtain new projects and employ new specialists. According to ABSL, companies from the business services sector in Poland currently employ 212,000 specialists and this number will likely be 300,000 in 2020. This means that the sector will require additional office space.

Mateusz Polkowski, Associate Director, Research and Consulting, JLL, says: “According to our estimates, the business services sector in Poland might require approx. 250,000 sq m of new, modern office space each year. This stems from the industry’s development and the increase in employment that follows.”

Growth in occupied space can also be related to a new approach among employers towards office space and the growing popularity of workplace solutions.

“A greater number of meeting rooms, space for project work, creative work, working in silence or space for integration – these solutions are becoming increasingly popular in offices. They can trigger the growth of space leased by business services centres for which conveniently designed, attractively arranged and comfortable offices have become of crucial importance during recruitment processes and help them retain the best specialists. The office has become a vital tool for HR management,” comments Karol Patynowski, Associate Director, Tenant Representation, JLL.

According to joint research by JLL and Skanska conducted among employees from the business services sector, up to 65% of the specialists questioned say that a modern, spacious office that encourages productive work can prompt prospective employees to select an employer offering such solutions. With growing competition for the best specialists, an office can be very helpful during recruitment processes.

The business services sector have become the major office tenant, especially outside Warsaw. The share of business services centres in overall occupied office space totals around 67% in Kraków, 52% in Łódź, 51% in Wrocław, 37% in Rzeszów or 35% in Katowice . In comparison, business services centres account for 9% of occupied office space in Warsaw.

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