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Poland extradites suspected businessman Danes Zatorsky to Czech Republic

Polish authorities extradited businessman Danes Zatorsky along with another two persons suspected of a fraud causing the damage of over 100 million crowns to the Czech Republic on Thursday, Czech Television (CT) has said.

Zatorsky himself agreed with the extradition, CT said. He may appear in the Czech Republic next week.

Zatorsky was detained in Poland on the basis of a European arrest warrant issued at the end of June and an order to detain him issued before, supervising state attorney Brigita Bilikova has said.

Along with Zatorsky, another two persons were detained. They were taken into custody and charges were levelled against them, Bilikova said.

Zatorskyis also likely to be taken into custody, she added.

The caused damage is over 100 million crowns, Bilikova said.

“It is an affair relating to the activities from some previous years,” she added.

Zatorsky, 48, managed a number of companies which have gradually gone bust. They include the VOKD construction company, Geofin, Slezsky kamen, the Job Air – Central Connect Airlines and the Job Air Technic aviation repair company.

He also had a share in the Union credit union stripped of its licence by the Czech National Bank in 2012.

This April, a man asked a court to declare Zatorsky bankrupt. Two unpaid bills of exchange for nine million crowns are the reason. Zatorsky has called the proposal a form of harassment.

Komercni banka said Zatorsky took out a four million crowns mortgage from it, while he has failed to repay over 415,000 crowns in time to it.

The court has not yet decided on the bankruptcy proposal.

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