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Warsaw hotel prices jump 17 per cent as demand continues

Warsaw hotel prices have jumped 17 per cent as demand continues to creep up, while the NATO Summit helped fill Brussels hotels by an extra 19 per cent, Hotstats has revealed in its latest survey.

The hotel watchdog’s quarterly European Chain Hotels Market Review shows that average room rates (ARR) in Warsaw reached €120 (£105) in the month of May, up from €103 (£90) in May 2016. It was put down to continued, strong occupancy levels of more than 80 per cent (81.3 per cent), which saw hoteliers also rise average prices across other market segments like residential conference (up 26 per cent), corporate (up 8 per cent), conference and banqueting (up 18 per cent) and food and beverage (up 9 per cent).

Brussels hotels recorded their highest levels of profits since the terror attacks in March 2016, thanks to the arrival of the NATO summit in May 2017. It returned occupancy levels to above 70 per cent (75 per cent) for the month of May, up from 56 per cent the previous year, and allowed hoteliers to push up food and beverage prices (up 23 per cent) and conference and banqueting (up 26 per cent).

Meanwhile the report shows hotels in Rome have ‘come back down to Earth’ following the standout performance in 2016 following the Jubilee, or Holy Year of Mercy.

The end of the celebration, which was attended by an estimated 9.1 million people as they made their pilgrimage to the Italian capital, saw ARR fall 8 per cent to €225 (£197) in May 2017 (down from €244, or £214, in May 2016), and occupancy fall 3 per cent to 82 per cent.

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