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Poles spend thousands on weddings: poll

Most Polish weddings cost between PLN 20,000 to PLN 40,000 (EUR 4,600 to EUR 9,200), according to a new poll by Polish online classifieds website The Polish Radio reports.

The majority of polled visitors to’s wedding section said nuptials are planned a year or two in advance, with some 50 and 100 in attendance at a cost of PLN 200-300 each.

Aleksandra Kubicka of said that about five percent of polled visitors to the website took out loans to finance their weddings, while 75 percent paid for their weddings themselves.

Of that 75 percent, the pair generally split the bill and each partner paid for half.

Kubicka also said that most future newly-weds forego hiring a wedding planner, organising their nuptials themselves.

The majority of Polish weddings take place in June, August and September, the poll showed. About 84 percent of weddings are held on Saturday while 86 percent are church events, according to’s poll.

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