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Polish ex-priest refused entry to UK


A former Polish Catholic priest, known for his nationalistic sentiments, has been stopped for questioning and refused entry to the UK by British border guards.

The 28-year-old ex-priest, Jacek Międlar, was to take part in a Sunday run in London dedicated to Poland’s so-called “Cursed Soldiers” and in a Telford protest organised by the Britain First, a far-right movement.

According to the Polish Embassy in London, its consulate was in contact with Britain’s border guards about the decision to deny entry.

The UK’s Home Office has refused to comment.

Before leaving the priesthood last September, Międlar’s superiors banned him from public appearances, following his extremely nationalist speeches.

“Cursed Soldiers” refers to some members of Poland’s anti-communist movements.

After Poland’s official underground army (AK) of World War II disbanded in January 1945 thousands of Poles continued to fight in other formations as the Soviet Red Army extended its grip across the country.

A Soviet-backed communist regime was later installed in rigged 1947 elections after the war.

The anti-communist guerrillas were largely stamped out by 1948, although one fighter, Józef Franczak, was gunned down as late as 1963.

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