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Hungarian Ambassador to Poland awarded Bene Merito distinction

Bene Merito

The Hungarian Ambassador to Warsaw, Iván Gyurcsík, has been awarded the Bene Merito distinction, for promoting Poland abroad.

The “Bene merito” distinction is given to citizens of the Republic of Poland and foreign nationals “in recognition of their merits in promoting Poland abroad”, according to the Polish foreign ministry’s website.

“The Bene Merito honorary distinction is a token of my deep recognition and gratitude for Ambassador [Gyurcsík’s] work to forge ever closer bilateral ties between Poland and Hungary in the political, economic, and social fields, and for promoting cultural links between our countries and nations,” Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said at the presentation ceremony.

The term of the Hungarian ambassador in Poland is coming to an end.

Waszczykowski said that ambassador Gyurcsík’s mission came at a time when Polish-Hungarian relations were being strengthened at an unprecedented pace on practically all levels.

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