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Edward Krasiński show at Tate Liverpool

Krasiński, who died in 2004 at the age of 79, ranks among major twentieth-century avant-garde artists of Central Europe.

The exhibition catalogue says that “Krasiński had an experimental approach to art and exhibition making. Using everyday objects in unconventional ways, Krasiński’s work challenged traditional art forms and blurred the distinction between art and everyday life”.

Krasiński studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Kraków. Having moved to Warsaw in the 1950s, he co-founded the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw, which was one of the centres for avant-garde Polish visual art.

He has exhibited at numerous prestigious venues abroad. A trademark of Krasiński’s work was his use of blue Scotch tape, which he placed horizontally at a height of 130cm on all his works.

The exhibition at Tate Liverpool remains on show until 5 March 2017, reports.

Meanwhile, this is all what you should know about modern art:

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