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Dürer’s woodcuts exhibited in Gdansk

The exhibition features 15 woodcuts from Albrecht Dürer’s series Apocalypsis cum figuris (Apocalypse Illustrated), alongside eight woodcuts from another series, the Grand Passion.

The works, dating back to the early 16th century, helped revolutionize the role and importance of book illustrations. Earlier, they “were treated as of marginal significance and served as an addition to the text,” says curator Alicja Andrzejewska-Zając.

His woodcuts were bona fide works of art. They were purchased by art collectors and hung on walls, which hadn’t happened before.Alicja Andrzejewska-Zając

The pieces are showcased in close proximity to Hans Memling’s Last Judgement – the exhibit, permanently on show, is the museum’s most prized work of art. “This is no coincidence,” Andrzejewska-Zając says.

“We wanted to give visitors the opportunity to compare the perspectives of two artists, who were active in the same period and were focused on similar themes,” she adds while interviewed by Radio Poland.

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