Poland excluded from Germany and France cooperation in military projects

BERLIN, (BG) – Berlin and Paris excluded Poland from cooperation on issues related to army modernization. According to the Welt newspaper, such a decision has serious consequences for European defense policy, and therefore for European security. As an example of the refusal to cooperate with Warsaw, the newspaper cites the French-German project

Brussels is silent about Putin’s offensive on Poland

Over the last two weeks, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has, on five different occasions accused Poland of being in alliance with Adolf Hitler before the Second World War and of egging Nazi Germany on with its attacks on Jews. His remarks have been condemned by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz

Putin said Poland entered into a conspiracy with Hitler

Russian President Vladimir Putin upped the ante in a war of words with Europe on Tuesday (24 December), accusing Poland of colluding with Hitler and of anti-Semitism. Tensions are running high between Moscow and Warsaw, with NATO and EU member Poland fearing what it has described as Russian military adventurism and

Disciplinary proceedings began to dismiss judges questioning government reform

A request has been submitted to suspend judges who questioned the legitimacy of changes to the judiciary introduced by the government. One of the judges, Anna Bator-Ciesielska from Warsaw district court, refused to adjudicate together with judges who were accused of being involved in the so-called “hater scandal”, in which leaked

What are the prospects for the Polish-radical Confederation?

Poland’s October election saw the unexpected success of a strongly pro-free market and nationalist radical right challenger to the ruling party. However, the new grouping’s youthful, anti-establishment core electorate is notoriously fickle, and its ideological eclecticism – and the presence of highly controversial personalities among its leaders – makes it

Pentagon budget includes military support for Poland

Confirmation of obligations under Article 5 of the NATO pact and a declaration of military cooperation with Poland, including in the area of military investment, were included in the Pentagon's budget for 2020 passed by the US Senate on Tuesday. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had announced that he would sign

President Duda expected to offer early retirement reform

Polish President Andrzej Duda has asked the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) to investigate how many people would be encompassed by the proposed reform as well as the costs it would incur on the Polish budget. The Polish presidential election will take place in the spring of 2020. Candidates are now working

Poland is careful because of the French push to reboot Russia

Poland sees limited room for diplomacy and dialogue with Russia, a senior Polish official has said, despite attempts by French President Emmanuel Macron to persuade Warsaw to rethink its relationship with Moscow. Macron told The Economist magazine in November it was time to rethink Europe's strategic relationship with Russia. He said

Duda: Poland will become an energy center for Central and Eastern Europe

A new gas terminal will be constructed in Gdańsk or Gdynia, President Andrzej Duda announced. He added that Poland has ambitions to become the energy hub for its entire Central-Eastern European region. Duda explained that the aim of ongoing investments is to not only ensure Poland’s energy security and supply but