Poland and US must work together on digital tax – US ambassador

Poland and the US should work together with the OECD to develop a formula for the common system of a digital services tax, US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher wrote in the Monday issue of Rzeczpospolita daily. Mosbacher wrote that recently several European countries have either unilaterally introduced or are mulling

Honest information on coronavirus is crucial for Poles safety – Minister

Addressing an extraordinary sitting of the Sejm (lower house) on Monday, Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said that honest information, conveyed also by politicians, was of key importance for the security of Poles. A special sitting of the Sejm was convened at President Andrzej Duda's request to present the government's report on

Polish opposition is trying to use coronavirus for its political goals

Poland’s opposition is attempting to discredit the government over its actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by publishing claims that the government is attempting to make people pay €115 for coronavirus testing. But it soon turned out that the information was based on a decision taken by a hospital

Minister Czaputowicz will take part in a meeting of foreign ministers of the Visegrád Group and the Western Balkans Group in Prague

Minister Czaputowicz will take part in a meeting of foreign ministers of the Visegrád Group and the Western Balkan countries. Organised by the Czech presidency of the Visegrád Group, the event will be attended by representatives of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as by Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy

Hungary and Poland can always count on each other in the long run

Poland and Hungary can always count on each other, their current cooperation on the NATO and EU platforms gives both countries a sense of safety, Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said on Monday after talks with his Hungarian counterpart Tibor Benkő. On Monday, Mr Błaszczak and Mr Benkő visited Skierniewice, a town

The rule of law in Poland is discussed by the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament debated the issues regarding the rule of law in Poland on Tuesday. Representatives of the major factions of the EP criticised Poland for the new legislation concerning the judiciary, while members of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS), which is a part of European Conservatives

EU plans to fine Poland 2 million euros per day for judicial reform: report

According to press reports, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) plans to punish Poland with fines of up to €2 million a day over Poland's judicial reforms. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, the fines could be as harsh as €2 million per day unless Poland “freezes” the activity of the Supreme Court (SN)

Breakthrough: foreign media widely discuss Macron’s visit to Poland

French President Emmanuel Macron’s February 3-4 visit to Warsaw was widely commented in the world media with the word “breakthrough” appearing many times. “France’s President Emmanuel Macron happily welcomed the ‘turning point’ in French-Polish relations,” wrote French “Le Figaro” daily writing on the first day of Mr Macron’s visit, putting it