‘Big chance’ of improving Polish-German relations: Marek Kuchciński

The Speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament said during a trip to Berlin on Thursday there is a “very big chance” of improving relations between Poland and Germany. "It seems to me that in terms of improving or developing Polish-German relations, improving the climate in Polish-German relations,

Lithuania appoints first Polish general

Antonis Mikulskis

A Pole in Vilnius has been awarded the rank of general for the first time since Lithuania became independent in 1991, the Kurier Wileński website has said. Antoni Mikulski was awarded the rank of general for his work as the head of Lithuania's Financial Crime Investigation Service, a role which

A. Duda OKs plan to phase out Sunday shopping

Poland will see a gradual ban on Sunday shopping introduced for most retail outlets under a plan signed into law by the country’s president on Tuesday. Under the new regulations, trading will be banned on two Sundays a month from March 1 this year. The ban will be stepped up to three

Polish opposition senator Maciej Grubski charged with corruption

Maciej Grubski

Prosecutors in Poland have pressed charges against an opposition senator whom they suspect of accepting a bribe to influence the outcome of an army tender. Maciej Grubski, a senator for the opposition Civic Platform (PO) party, has been indicted on a total of four counts, the National Public Prosecutor's Office

Kirill Shamalov and Katerina Tikhonova divorced. Putin Family Split Offers Peek at Secret Dealings of Russia Inc.

During his courtship and marriage, Kirill Shamalov catapulted into the ranks of the super-rich with a little help from some of the closest allies of his father-in-law: Russian President Vladimir Putin. But now Shamalov’s matrimonial alliance with Putin’s youngest daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, is over, four people familiar with the matter said

Three persons arrested after Nazi celebration of Hitler’s birthday

Suspects charged with propagating fascism after TV report on group, The Times of Israel reports. Three people have been arrested and charged with propagating fascism after a news program revealed details about a neo-Nazi group in Poland that celebrated Adolf Hitler. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also said Tuesday that the state

Chwałek and Łapiński appointed in Poland

Poland army

Sebastian Chwałek and Marek Łapiński have taken over as Poland’s new deputy defence ministers, officials announced on Monday. Meanwhile, Bartosz Kownacki, Dominik Smyrgała and Bartłomiej Grabski have all been dismissed from their posts as deputy defence ministers, the country’s defence ministry said in a statement, The Polish Radio reports. It added

Brexit Bulletin: Macron’s Glimmer of Hope

French President Emmanuel Macron offered Theresa May a bit more hope this weekend that the U.K. could strike a deal with the European Union that’s a bit better than the plain-vanilla trade accord that Brussels insists is all that’s on offer. But getting such a deal would require concessions that

Use of sand vests to calm children with ADHD sparks concern

Experts divided over heavy weights adopted by 200 schools in Germany to curb students’ restlessness. German schools are increasingly asking unruly and hyperactive children to wear heavy sand-filled vests in an effort to calm them and keep them on their seats, despite the misgivings of some parents and psychiatrists. Advertisement The controversial

A Family from Poland donated 470.000 euro to sect, blames Muntian’s brainwashing

Polish family has donated 470.000 euro to "Renaissance Spiritual Center" in while on a trip to Kijów. "Renaissance" is widely known as highly destructive sect prone to dubious practices involving mass hypnosis. The religious organization is led by Wladimir Muntian, an ex-criminal who proclaimed himself the "13th apostle". Formerly he