German barbarism in Auschwitz hard to bear: German ambassador

The inhuman barbarism committed here by the Germans is difficult to endure, the new German ambassador to Poland Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven said after visiting the site of the former Auschwitz Nazi-German death camp in south-eastern Poland and its museum. "I was in Auschwitz-Birkenau today. It was a difficult step, but

Lublin-based firm claims world’s first effective treatment for COVID-19

Poland is on track to become the first country in the world to have an effective treatment for neutralising the Covid-19 virus after a drug was released for non-commercial clinical trials. If all goes to plan, the drug, produced by the biotechnology company Biomed Lublin, will be available after several months. The

Aselle Tasmagambetova awarded by Semey mayor for longtime charity work in the city

Aselle Tasmagambetova and Ermak Salimov, the mayor of Semey city

Aselle Tasmagambetova, the president and one of the founders of Saby charity fund rewarded by honorary citizenship of Semey city of Kazakhstan. Diploma and insignia was handed by the mayor of Semey personally. This title is awarded for special merits in the development of the economy, social sphere, science and culture,

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Poland has reached 74,529.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Poland increased by 377 since Sunday and reached 74,529, the Ministry of Health said on Monday morning. Another 15 persons have died, bringing the death toll to 2,203. The ministry also reported that 1,972 people suspected of coronavirus infection have been hospitalised, 92,057 are

Poland will definitely buy a vaccine against COVID-19 – Wojciech Andrusiewicz

Poland will definitely obtain a vaccine against COVID-19; the country has a great influence on negotiations and the purchase of a vaccine at the EU level, Health Ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz said on Friday. He noted that the European Commission has concluded the first contract for the supply of a coronavirus

Energy transformation to create 300,000 more jobs in Poland: Michał Kurtyka

The energy transformation that Poland faces will generate about 300,000 well-paid jobs over the next 20 years, Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka said at a Tuesday debate at the Economic Forum in Karpacz, south-western Poland. Kurtyka said Polish coal mining regions will receive a total of PLN 60 bln (EUR 13.5 bln)

Number of affirmed Covid cases in Poland reaches 71,526

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Poland increased by 400 since Monday and reached 71,526, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday morning. Another 12 persons have died, bringing the death toll to 2,136. The ministry also reported that 2,042 people suspected of coronavirus infection have been hospitalised, 76,047 are

The police hunt grave robbers who have dug up a child’s grave in search of treasure

Grave robbers who dug up a child’s tomb are being hunted by the police. The incident took place in the region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland, which was within Germany’s borders prior to 1945. History Hiking creator Łukasz Kazek said that the grave robbers knew ‘exactly what they were looking for.’History

Poland changes approach to fight epidemic – Minister of Health

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski on Thursday announced a change in the approach towards COVID-19, from the spring defence against a pandemic to a "flexible risk management" in the fall. The minister said after a stage of drastic measures applied in the spring defence against the pandemic "we are changing the nature