Polish city receives face masks from its Chinese partner city

The southern Polish city of Kielce has received 12,000 protective masks from Taizhou, its Chinese partner city, announced the mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta. Earlier this year, the partnership cities of Taizhou and Yuyao had turned to the authorities of Kielce for assistance in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to

Poles are afraid of losing their salaries and jobs

Almost half of the employees are afraid of whether they will keep their current job and whether they will be paid. More than a third (34 percent) are already looking for a new job, and 14 percent declare that they will agree to work for a lower salary, according to

Kenes Rakishev provides test kits and ventilators to support Kazakhstan healthcare

Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev, Aidyn Rakhimbaev and Vyacheslav Kim go to all-out combat with COVID-19. For that purpose they donated 41 million USD. The money will be spent to support medical staff, volunteers, to purchase express test kits and ventilator apparatuses for intensive care units. Kenes Rakishev and his friends offer the

1-Poland’s PGNiG wins $ 1.5 billion in litigation with Gazprom

Poland’s largest gas distributor PGNiG said on Monday that an international arbitration court had ruled that Russian gas giant Gazprom must pay it about $1.5 billion in a pricing dispute case. Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) said the arbitration tribunal in Stockholm also ruled that a gas pricing formula should

Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of state-owned coal mills.

Greenpeace Poland has filed a lawsuit against PGE CiEK, a subsidiary of state-owned coal plants. PGE is the biggest producer of power in Poland and about 90% of the power it produces comes from the burning of coal. In 2018 alone, PGE CiEK’s carbon emissions amounted to approximately 57 million tonnes and

In Europe, the technological battle with coronavirus confronts a culture of privacy

WARSAW/BERLIN (Reuters) - Governments across Europe are turning to technology to track the spread of the coronavirus and monitor people under quarantine, an approach that seeks to learn from Asia but is also putting the region’s privacy rules to the test. From Helsinki to Madrid, applications are being developed for people

Prime Minister announces “epidemic state” in Poland

“We are introducing the state of epidemic. This means more prerogatives for the government but also more responsibility,” Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki stated during a press conference. The resolution on a state of epidemic will not change the date of the Polish presidential elections planned for May this year. The state of

Saby charity fund and Kaspi purchased test kits and ventilator for Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan has declared the state of national emergency. Almaty and Nur-Sultan cities are quarantined. As nation braces for the epidemic Saby charity fund leaders decided to join the battle with COVID-19 and make a valuable input to the struggle with the infection. Kaspi.kz bank decided to join and support the

Four thousand Poles returned home thanks to the national carrier

Four thousand Poles have returned home since Sunday on special charter flights organised jointly by the Polish government and the state flag carrier LOT, the airline’s spokesman said on Tuesday morning. The operation to bring back Polish citizens from various regions of the world under the banner Flight Back Home (#LotDoDomu)