Polish president’s popularity has increased


Polish President Andrzej Duda’s popularity ratings have risen substantially, according to a new survey. The study, by pollster IBRiS for the Rzeczpospolita daily, found 56.6 percent of respondents viewed Duda’s performance as either "fairly positive" or "decisively positive," the highest figure since the president took office in August 2015. In July,

Petra Diamonds market value falls after Tanzania seizes $15m shipment

Petra Diamonds market value

Company also forced to close key mine amid ongoing dispute with government over how the precious stones are valued. Petra Diamonds’ stock market value fell after the Tanzanian government seized a parcel of gems valued at nearly $15m (£11.4m) as part of a parliamentary investigation into alleged wrongdoing in the

Economic cost of Hurricane Irma ‘could reach $300bn’

Experts say insurance firms could be liable for up to half that sum after Irma damages homes, businesses and key crops. The economic cost of Hurricane Irma could rise as high as $300bn (£227bn) as the storm lashes Florida, damaging homes, businesses and key crops including orange groves. Analysts said about $2tn

Trump will urge UN to impose North Korean naval blockade and oil embargo

A US draft security council resolution calls for member states to use ‘all necessary measures’ to inspect country’s shipping. The US will embark on an aggressive effort to tighten North Korea’s isolation on Monday with a call for an oil embargo and a partial naval blockade. A draft United Nations resolution seen

Poland: EU Trade Deal With Canada Threatened

Poland has threatened to block part of a bilateral trade deal between Canada and the European Union, Financial Times reported Sept. 7. The deal would include a mechanism for resolving disputes by trying them before a panel of judges consisting of five EU judges, five Canadian judges and five judges

Why Poland’s soaring stocks still have room to run

poland stocks

If you’ve been holding Polish stocks this year, you can afford to buy a round of Zywiec beers for your pals. And prepare to celebrate again soon, because the rally in Polish equities doesn’t look likely to end yet. MarketWatch reports. Valuations remain attractive, and the economic and monetary-policy backdrop is

Poland to Allocate Additional $55 Bllion on Defense by 2032: Deputy Minister

Poland army

Poland will allocate an additional 200 billion zlotys ($55 billion) on defense over the next 15 years to modernize its army amid signs of growing aggression from Russia, a deputy defense minister said to Reuters. Russia's Zapad military exercises next month in Belarus and western Russia, the largest in years, have

Economy to grow faster than predicted: Mateusz Morawiecki

Poland's finance minister expects economic growth to exceed the predicted 3.6 percent and "low" budget deficit after the statistical office released growth data for the second quarter, The News PL reports. According to the Central Statistical Office's data published on Wednesday, the economy in the second quarter of 2017 grew by

Fitch warns Poland it could get burned if it keeps playing with fire

A deteriorating relationship with the European Union could negatively affect Poland's growth and government finances in the medium term, but any short-term fallout appears limited, Fitch Ratings has warned on Tuesday. Portfolio.hu reports. Tensions mounted last week when the European Commission escalated the "rule of law" procedure against Poland, started in

Stock Spirits Profit Rises on Higher Vodka Demand in Poland

Stock Spirits Group Plc said its operating profit rose 32 percent in the first half of the year on strong demand for its flavoured vodka in Poland, Reuters reports. Operating profit for the six months to June 30 rose to 16.5 million euros ($19.4 million), with volumes for flavored vodka in