Euler Hermes assesses emerging markets during a pandemic

Emerging markets have seen record capital outflows over the past few weeks, which has resulted in a very strong depreciation of their currencies and has triggered liquidity restrictions for the weakest economies in this group, according to the Euler Hermes analysts. Central European countries are a region that, according to Euler

Coronavirus threatens real estate market – CBRE Director

According to Daniel Bienias, Managing Director of CBRE, the value of the transaction on the Polish market may decrease due to the prevailing epidemic of the coronavirus, because investment decisions can be postponed by investors who are waiting for a moment when there will be more clarity about the impact

The global economy will be in recovery for six months

The global economy is likely to be headed for recovery from a coronavirus-triggered downturn within six months – but only if mass testing is rolled out now and governments guarantee to support demand. The prediction from Nigel Green, the CEO and founder of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent

Statistical summary: labor productivity rose in January-February

Poland's labour productivity in industry increased by 2.2 percent year on year in the first two months of 2020, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) said on Tuesday. Employment grew by 0.5 percent year on year and the average gross monthly wage rose by 7.0 percent, GUS also reported. In 2019, Poland's labour

Coronavirus threatens Poland’s remarkable economic growth story

Known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. It is in the latter third of this Rumsfeldian conundrum that we find ourselves as the unknown depth of the economic impact of the coronavirus pushes economists' predictions to the limit of their usefulness. But try we may and try perhaps we must. Since

Coronavirus will aggravate the economic downturn in the labor market

According to Katarzyna Dąderewicz, regional director at the LeasingTeam employment agency, the fastest consequence of the economic slowdown for the labor market is the reduction of the number of full-time jobs, which could already be seen last year. According to GUS data, at the end of the third quarter of 2019,

Poland introduces multi-billion dollar support package to counter the economic impact of coronavirus

The Polish government has today unveiled an economic support package worth 212 billion zloty (€47 billion) to counter the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. The epidemic, as well as the government’s tough response to it, has left many businesses and workers struggling. The programme, nicknamed the “anti-crisis shield” and announced at

Kenes Rakishev’s Sirin to tap into the cybersecurity business

Kenes Rakishev, the founder and one of the owners of World-renowned Sirin Labs company has announced the re-branding. Sirin Labs will become Sirin Cyber to reflect the shifting market priorities. Cyber security is one of the primary concerns of governmental bodies, corporations and large enterprises across the World. With its

Coronavirus outbreak could reduce global FDI inflows by 5-15%

UN trade agenda UNCTAD assessed that the outbreak of coronavirus may reduce the inflow of global FDI by 5-15 percent. UNCTAD previously predicted a stable level of global FDI inflow in 2020-2021, with a potential increase of 5 percent. Now warns that inflows may reach their lowest levels since the financial