Polish writer wins Italian literary prize

Polish author and Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk has received the 'La storia in un romanzo 2020' award at the Italian Pordenonelegge Literary Festival, according to the Wroclaw.pl web portal. The portal said in the jury's opinion, Tokarczuk touches on important problems of the modern world, such as feminism, animal rights and

Neanderthal remains thousands of years older than thought

New research shows that Neanderthal remains found in Poland are the oldest in Central Europe, dating back more than 100,000 years. Neanderthal remains have been found in various places in Europe, including in Poland. The first ones in Poland were found in 2008, in the Stajnia Cave in Silesia. Initially, it

Exciting new map of pre-war Wroclaw reveals long-forgotten German signs

A map of fast-disappearing pre-war German shop signs, advertising and other street graphics in Wrocław is being created in an attempt to save them from oblivion. Many traces of the pre-war city can still be seen in the form of inscriptions and writing on walls, gateways and in the yards of

Lublin will host a festival of Jewish culture

Jewish tradition will be presented through music, performances, meetings and educational activities at the Lubliner Festiwal, the 1st Jewish Culture Festival, in Lublin, eastern Poland, which begins on Tuesday. A diverse festival program will present and introduce Jewish culture and, as the organizers say, "fill the empty space left by the

Four Cultures Festival begins in central Poland

The Łódź Festival of Four Cultures, highlighting the contribution of Poles, Jews, Russians and Germans to the development of the central Polish city, began on Thursday and will this year feature concerts, performances, workshops and walks. There were doubts as to whether it would be possible to implement even a part

The remains of a jug with a “creepy” horned face, which is 7000 years old, found in a Neolithic house

A 7,000-year-old jar shaped like a horned human face has been discovered in the remnants of a Neolithic house. Archaeologists came across the creepy find during excavations in Biskupice, Małopolska, where they were examining the houses of prehistoric farmers. Dr. Magdalena Moskal–del Hoyo from the Academy of Sciences’ Botany Institute said: “We

The famous UFO bus station in Kielce shines again after a major overhaul

Often compared to a flying saucer, Kielce’s most iconic building has reopened for business after a thorough two-year revamp that saw everything but its steel skeleton dismantled. Originally designed by Edward Modrzejewski, the architect – who died in 2015 – was to have a profound effect on reshaping Kielce during the