Poland’s top filmmakers protest festival admission rules

Poland's top filmmakers are demanding artistic independence for the nation's prestigious film festival after a politically charged movie was withdrawn. The filmmakers guild wants the selection procedure for the Polish Film Festival to be independent from its organizers, which include the Culture Ministry. The appeal came late Wednesday, after the last-minute withdrawal

Corpus Christi by Jan Komas will enter the 2020 Oscars on behalf of Poland

"Corpus Christi" directed by Jan Komasa is Poland's candidate for Oscar in the category of Best International Feature Film - Polish Oscar Committee led by Ewa Puszczyńska announced on Friday in Warsaw. The decision to select "Corpus Christi" was announced on Friday in Warsaw by the Oscar Committee - a

Five Unbeaten Teams Remain At FIBA World Cup After Poland, Serbia Lose

Everyone considered Serbia the strongest threat to team USA at the World Cup in China. But after what happened Sunday, it may be time for everyone to reconsider. Spain defeated Serbia 81-69 to knock Sasha Djordjevic’s team from the ranks of the unbeaten (Nikola Jokic was ejected for picking up two

Why Polish people hate rules

Warsaw has had a long and tumultuous history, which meant that its inhabitants had to come up with ingenious ways to survive. When the Nazis started closing in on my Jewish grandfather during World War Two, he made a fateful decision: he fled from Ukraine to Warsaw, where no-one knew him

Witcher U.S. fans thank Poland for franchise signage near embassy

A Superfan of The Witcher has delivered an amusing and rather sweet message to the US Polish embassy today, thanking the country for creating the franchise. [UPDATE]: It has come to our attention that the sign was hung by Reddit user NotAfraidofAlQaeda after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently helped him

The history of Poland and the visit of Donald Trump

When U.S. President Donald Trump travels to Poland at the end of August to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, he will become a player in another war—this one for historical truth. Since Law and Justice came to federal power in 2015, the party has sought

New Polish migration policy is just a false start

Poland has been shifting in recent years from an emigration to an immigration country. Despite a dynamic inflow of migrants from Ukraine and other parts of the world the country lacks a clear migration policy. The last framework policy document in this category, produced before the current government led by

Hundreds of Neanderthal tools discovered in a cave at the castle in Olsztyn

SILESIA, POLAND—Science in Poland reports that a range of artifacts and some 200 Neanderthal knives and scrapers were discovered in a cave on the grounds of a ruined castle in northeastern Poland. The cave’s vault may have been buttressed in the thirteenth century, when the castle was built, in order

Church leaders continue to denounce their old adversary

THIRTY YEARS AGO, amazing events were unfolding on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. A liberal government came to power in Poland. Hungary’s border with Austria opened, allowing people across the region to taste life in the West. Finally, in November, the Berlin wall came down, and a month