Paris protest foils Polanski’s movie debut over rape charges

PARIS (Reuters) - Protesters disrupted the first screening in France of Roman Polanski’s new film on Tuesday, following the publication of a new rape accusation against the French-Polish director. A group of about 40 activists blocked the screening of the French premiere of Polanski’s film “J’accuse” at a theater in Rue

Poles mark Independence Day with patriotic ceremonies

WARSAW, Poland (AP) - Poland's president and other officials across the country are laying wreaths and joining other patriotic events on Independence Day, a holiday that has been overshadowed in recent years by marches organized by far-right nationalists. Last year, for the 100-year anniversary of Polish independence, President Andrzej Duda and

Polish artist will illuminate the horizon of a Chinese city

Dariusz Makaruk, a versatile artist from Kielce, central Poland, won first prize in the international competition for the world’s biggest video mapping display, organised by the Bi-City Architecture Biennale in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. As part of his reward, Mr Makaruk was commissioned to light up 40 skyscrapers in Shenzhen

Lublin commemorates mass execution of 18,000 Jews at Majdanek

The victims of Nazi Germany's World War II Aktion Erntefest, which saw the mass shooting of 18,000 Jews at the Majdanek concentration camp in Lublin (eastern Poland), was remembered by ceremonies in the city on the event's 76 anniversary on Sunday. On November 3, 1943, German forces shot dead more than

The impact of the social revolution in Poland

The United States has its liberalism, and Europe has its welfare state, which is so attractive that a few years ago the Union was flooded with a wave of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. The EU lifestyle empire is moving more and more to the east with the

Warrington elder translates Polish Christmas carols to community can sing together

AN elder of a Warrington church hopes to develop positive relations between Polish and English-speaking communities with the publication of a new book of Christmas carols. Andrew Page, who serves at St John’s United Reformed Church on Wilderspool Causeway, has translated 20 Polish Christmas carols into English and published his English

After World War I, Poland prevented Russia from promoting European expansion

Key point: Poland may have temporarily halted the spread of communism, but they were not exactly the "good guys" either. In the summer of 1920, Russia seemed poised to take over Europe. Newly victorious in the Russian Civil War, but convinced that the capitalists were bent on strangling the cradle of Communism,

Peace on Fire: British Poles hope war drama helps bring back their past

On a Saturday night, a large and expectant audience turned up to a preview screening of the BBC’s seven-part war drama World on Fire at a Polish community centre in west London. After decades of waiting to see their country’s second world war story told, Polish Londoners gathered to see

DNA Study Identifies Possible Neolithic Migration to Scandinavia

According to a Science Daily report, researchers led by Helena Malmström of Uppsala University have discoverd a genetic link between continental Europe's Corded Ware culture and the Scandinavian herders of the Battle Axe culture, which first appears in the archaeological record around 5,000 years ago. Although their material culture resembles