Builders find message in a bottle hidden in Gdańsk train station wall

A message in a bottle which makes reference to anti-communist demonstrations in 1970 has been found by builders at Gdańsk Central Train Station. The handwritten note on the back of a blank postal telegram was discovered hidden inside a wall cavity by bricklayers working on the modernisation of the station. The bottle

EU’s foreign policy gender plan faces resistance from Poland and Hungary

Hungary and Poland voiced strong opposition to an EU plan to “promote gender equality and women’s empowerment” as part of the bloc’s foreign policy. The latest clash with Budapest and Warsaw — which last week vetoed the EU’s budget and coronavirus recovery plan over opposition to a link to the rule

The Abortion Protests in Poland Are Starting to Feel Like a Revolution

People are calling it a revolution. Since October 22nd, hundreds of thousands across Poland have been protesting—in five hundred and eighty cities and towns, by one organizer’s count. In some places, including the town of Kościerzyna, population twenty-four thousand, more than ten per cent of residents have taken to the

Pollutant-reducing paint brings environmental joy to the forest wall

A new mural that uses special paint to improve air quality by neutralising harmful chemicals has appeared in Bielsko-Biała. Located on the city’s Mickiewicza Street, the mural covers an area of over 100 square metres on the side of a building. The wall was paint with Airlite which uses natural technology to

New recording technology brings people to the heart of a classical music concert

A revolutionary virtual reality concert took place in Poznań where the viewer could move among the orchestra. Zylia, an audio recording company, and the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra recorded a concert with not only physical navigation but uniquely navigable audio. The concert was recorded by using ZM-1 microphones.Zylia In a streaming first, the feat was

“Art robbery of the century” the inspiration for the creation of a new film, but the facts are much more convincing than fiction.

Gallery attendants at Poznań’s National Museum are strictly forbidden from wearing high-heeled shoes. This unusual regulation has been in place ever since a quiet Sunday afternoon in 2000 when a young art student sat quietly sketching a painting alongside the gallery’s pride and joy, Monet’s Beach in Pourville. Each time Lucyna, the