Polish Catholic Church encourages believers to celebrate Easter online

The Polish Episcopal Conference, the central organ of the Catholic Church in Poland, has informed Catholics how to use the internet during the Easter holiday to stay united and how to spread the good message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Father Pawel Rytel-Andrianik from the Press Office of the Episcopal

Polish composer Penderecki, inspired by Jerusalem, dies at the age of 86

The Polish composer and conductor Krzysztof Penderecki, who has died aged 86, was an outstanding representative of musical modernism’s success in the 1960s. From the early 70s he became equally emblematic of the subsequent failure of so many of that modernism’s principal pioneers to sustain a lifelong career without abandoning

7 monumental Warsaw trees deeply rooted in Polish history

Apart from having plenty of wonderful historic sites like the Royal Castle or Łazienki Park, Warsaw also sports many exceptionally important works of nature. Marked with plaques saying ‘Pomnik Przyrody’ meaning ‘Natural Monument’, they are vital parts of the city’s landscape. Below you’ll find a selection of seven such trees,

Another city will “immediately terminate” its twinning agreement with Poland after an ultimatum over “LGBT-free zones”.

Fermoy in County Cork, Ireland, has issued an ultimatum to a town in Poland it has a twinning arrangement with over its ‘LGBT-free zone’. A number of towns across Europe have severed twinning arrangements with Polish towns that have declared themselves ‘”LGBT-free zones’ in recent weeks. Fermoy in Cork, in the southernmost

Polish culture is full of Arabic influences, says fascinating new research

From the traditional clothing of the nobility, to designer and luxury goods, Arabic influences have left a visible mark on Polish culture. Through analysing manuscripts from early Arab travellers and the Middle Eastern travels of Polish pilgrimages a team of 38 researchers have found Arabic traces permeating every level of Polish

Sports associations and cultural institutes cancel events due to coronavirus

Polish sports associations, as well as cultural institutions, cancel or suspend more and more events scheduled for the upcoming weeks, due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, known as the coronavirus. Early champion Already on Wednesday, the Polish Hockey League has announced that the rest of the season is cancelled. The

Alternative tours Lodz, Poland – get to know the culture, food and nightlife

‘If it doesn’t fit, it fits perfectly,” is something of a buzz-phrase in Poland’s third-largest city, and it doesn’t take long to see why. It is a place where the next surprise – a fantastical, seemingly incongruous unicorn sculpture, a courtyard in which the buildings are clad with irregular shards

Polish archaeologists reveal the secrets of a medieval Nubian city

A Polish team of archaeologists have unearthed the secrets of Soba, the capital city of one of Nubia’s three medieval states. The ruins of the capital of the Nubian kingdom Alobia (also known as Alwa), the southernmost of the three medieval states which existed on the territory of what is today

Should sex education be required in every school?

Sex education is not compulsory in all European countries. In fact, the subject continues to generate controversy in some EU Member States; in Poland, for example, there has been a political backlash against the teaching of sex education in schools, with Amnesty International recently accusing the Polish government of “putting