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Poland blames Brussels for Brexit, calls for new EU treaty

Foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski

Poland has blamed Brussels for Brexit and said the leaders of EU institutions should “suffer the consequences” and step down, while suggesting a new EU treaty was needed to strip power from the European Commission. Foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski said on Monday that Poland may present a “radical” set of proposals at an EU leaders’ summit on Tuesday, while implying Commission president Jean Claude Juncker had made a mistake in his direction of the EU project, reports Henry Foy in Warsaw.

“We think that today the European institutions should start to admit they made a mistake,” said Mr Waszczykowski. “There is this atmosphere that has been expressed by the British society, that the call of for example Mr Juncker from a few months ago for politicians to break away from their electorates and to take care of the European concept, has been rejected.”

“We are right now at a preliminary stage of drafting our proposals. [Prime Minister Beata] Szydlo maybe will present them tomorrow during the European Council. These proposals are quite radical. We are thinking about a new European treaty and to give the main power in the EU to the European Council, not the Commission,” Mr Waszczykowski said.

“We also blame the leadership of the European Union for the mistakes, at least a part of the European leadership should suffer the consequences and they should give the space for negotiations and talks to new politicians, new experts, who do not have the burden of these mistakes and the defeat that was Brexit, and who would work on new proposal for both Great Britain and Europe,” said Mr Waszczykowski.

The European Commission is the executive arm of the EU, and is often attacked by Eurosceptics as an “unelected bureaucracy” that draws up EU legislation, though each branch of the Commission is headed by a Commissioner selected by each of the 28 member states. The Council is a body made up of the leaders of each country’s elected government, which traditionally sets the EU’s policy agenda.

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