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More than half of Poles support the abortion protests

The majority of Poles express solidarity with demonstrations that have swept across Poland after the Constitutional Tribunal last week ruled that abortion in the case of a severely damaged foetus is unconstitutional, a Kantar poll for a daily shows.

“At the beginning of the week, over half of those surveyed, 54 percent, expressed solidarity with the protests. Forty-three percent said they did not support the demonstrations,” the Gazeta Wyborcza daily reported.

Among the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) voters, 89 percent criticise the protests and only 8 percent support them. In the case of opposition voters, the situation is reversed, with more than 80 percent in favour.

Interestingly, as many as 45 percent of religious respondents support the protests, while the proportion among non-believers is 81 percent.

Poland’s top court ruled last Thursday that abortion on the grounds of severe damage to the foetus is unconstitutional, sparking outrage among women. Young people took to the streets in their thousands, shouting obscenities against PiS. The demonstrations also targeted churches as the protesters accuse the Roman Catholic Church of forming an informal alliance with PiS to push through the contested change and other conservative agenda items.

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