Poland to be represented at EU meeting by Czech Prime Minister

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller told PAP on Thursday that, due to the quarantine of the Polish PM, Poland’s position at the European Council meeting will be presented by Czech PM Andrej Babis.

PM Mateusz Morawiecki tested negative for coronavirus on Tuesday night, after a day spent in self-isolation due to contact with a person infected with Covid-19. Morawiecki will remain in quarantine until doctors and sanitary services take relevant decisions.

A two-day EU summit is starting in Brussels on Thursday to discuss climate, Brexit and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mueller told PAP that a similar situation had taken place some time ago, when the Polish PM represented the Czech Republic during another EU summit.

The government spokesman said that the Czech Republic had received Poland’s position regarding respective subjects on the summit’s agenda. “PM Morawiecki will be in constant contact with his Czech counterpart,” he added.

Mueller also stated that the Polish PM will be kept informed by Poland’s Permanent Representation in Brussels about the course of the meeting, and will convey his instructions if such need arises.

The official also said that the Visegrad Group PM’s will hold a video conference before the EU summit to discuss all issues, which will be debated by the European Council.

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