Poland excluded from Germany and France cooperation in military projects

BERLIN, (BG) – Berlin and Paris excluded Poland from cooperation on issues related to army modernization.

According to the Welt newspaper, such a decision has serious consequences for European defense policy, and therefore for European security.

As an example of the refusal to cooperate with Warsaw, the newspaper cites the French-German project MGCS (Main Ground Combat System / Main Ground Combat System) to replace the Leclerc and Leopard tanks deployed in the European Union. “Warsaw would gladly take part in a joint project to build a new tank, but Germany and France prefer to carry out the project on their own,” writes Die Welt.

“Poland is a heavy military load, defends NATO’s eastern flank. The European Union wants more defense cooperation. But for this you need to use the same weapons systems. If Poland concludes only bilateral agreements with the United States, uniting European armies will be even more difficult.” – the newspaper adds.

The publication quotes an anonymous interlocutor from Berlin political circles:

“In conversations with German defense companies, including regarding political decisions, the needs of the Poles rarely play any role. This is a mistake.”

Die Welt also writes that Poland has found a military partner in South Korea. We are talking about the company Hyundai Rotem, which will offer Poland a model of the K2 tank.

“This is only the beginning of negotiations, but now there is talk of 800 copies. After such a giant contract, Poland will have more modern tanks than Germany and France combined. There are rumors from Berlin that many did not know about Poland’s readiness to invest (in South Korea ). Does the German or French industry want to miss the chance to order 800 tanks because they don’t need an additional project partner? “ – the newspaper asks.

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