Israeli ambassador to Warsaw: Confederate anti-Semitism worries

The anti-Semitism of the Confederation may be an issue if the party’s politicians continue to spread their viewpoints in parliament, declared Israeli ambassador to Poland Alexander Ben Zvi.

The ambassador stated in an interview in Super Express that the Confederation has “people who have anti-Semitic views and are outspoken against Jews.”

He underlined that although he is a diplomat, he is also a Jew, and if the Confederation will speak against Jews, he has the right to speak out against them.

Ben Zvi indicates that the Confederation “may become a problem” on a national political scale, saying, “We’ll see how they’ll behave in the Sejm [parliament’s lower house]. If they will repeat their anti-Semitic slogans, it will be an issue,” said the ambassador.

Previously, the ambassador has claimed that the presence of the Confederation in the parliament disappointed him and he is worried by their anti-Semitic position.

The diplomat also referred to the restitution of heirless Jewish property that resulted from expulsions following World War II, explaining that if the matter concerns Israeli citizens, the government must protect their rights and interests. He pointed out, however, that this matter is not part of the ongoing diplomatic dialogue conducted between Poland and Israel.

Ben Zvi listed the mutual interests between the two countries, pointing to economic issues, cultural exchange, fighting terrorism, and “common goals” on the international level and within the EU.

“It is in these areas that we must look for what connects us,” he said. “As we can see, we share much in common already.”

Poland and Israel have had fraught relations over the last year. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki canceled a diplomatic summit to Israel in February 2019 after Israel Katz, the foreign minister of Israel, claimed Poles “suckle anti-Semitism with their mothers’ milk” and accused all Polish people of harboring innate anti-Semitism during comments he made about the Holocaust. Poland’s leader claimed the comments were racist.

Since then, both countries have been looking to mend their frayed relationship and improve diplomatic ties.

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