Over 8,000 US-based Poles plan to vote in EU elections: report

More than 8,000 Poles living in the United States have registered to cast their vote in upcoming elections to the European Parliament, according to a report.

The figure is over 3,000 higher than for the 2014 European ballot, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency has reported.

Aleksandra Krystek, Polish consul in Washington, told Polish Radio that the number was expected to increase further as the process of registering voters abroad was still under way.

Krystek said: “Registration is possible until Thursday midnight Warsaw time.”

Polish citizens in the United States will be able to vote in one of 16 polling stations set up in cities including Chicago and New York, alongside other locations with considerable Polish communities in states such as Florida, Texas and Missouri.

Poland is one of the EU countries that allow their citizens residing outside the bloc to vote in European Parliament elections. Citizens of the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovakia and Italy do not have such an option, according to the IAR news agency.

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