The President speaks at the UN Security Council on chemical weapons

Polish President Andrzej Duda said at a meeting of the UN Security Council in new York on Wednesday that no use of chemical weapons can not do without a response, and that inaction will encourage criminals.

The president declared that Poland would present the Council with a draft resolution in regard to the convention on the prohibition chemical weapons.

Poland became a two-year non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in January this year. On Wednesday, Andrzej Duda took part in a sitting of the Council chaired by US President Donald Trump. The meeting was devoted to the non-proliferation of atomic weapons and Iran’s nuclear programme, suspended as part of a 2015 deal.

President Duda started his speech by stressing that any use of chemical weapons is a crime.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s used on a mass scale by undemocratic regimes against their own people with the aim of securing their authority, or if it is used in a terrorist manner by a state against a person overseas, against whom a given state wants to take revenge,” he asserted.

The Polish head of state highlighted that “no individual use of chemical weapons can go without a response, because it undermines not only the basic sense of justice, but also leads to an erosion of the system of non-proliferation and disarmament, and, as a consequence, threatens the security of us all.”

He underscored that “brutal attacks, directed chiefly against the civilian population have the same aim – intimidating the international community.” “The UN community cannot accept such methods,” Duda declared. “Our inactivity will only encourage the perpetrators.”

Andrzej Duda expressed hope that the finalisation of a new EU sanctions mechanism, concluded within the framework of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, would enable “the exertion of appropriate pressure on current and future perpetrators, and also prevent them from (carrying out – PAP) those unacceptable actions.”

The Polish president pointed out that as in years past, Poland would present the UN General Assembly with a draft resolution in the matter regarding the implementation of the convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. He added that it is very important to maintain the integrity of those principles.

“That is why we call on all member states to ensure a strong, clear and unambiguous message of support to the whole international community for the integrity of the convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and the efforts of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” the president stated.

He went on to comment that every act of proliferating nuclear weapons “is a threat both to the international community and to a world order based on principles.”

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