We were inspired by the vision of a free and sovereign Poland-Prime Minister

We were inspired by the idea of a free Poland, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a conference organized by the Polish Institute of memory (INP) on the 35th anniversary of solidarity Walcząca (fighting solidarity) anti-Communist Union, in Poznan.

“When I think about Fighting Solidarity of those times, I can see a very diverse group of people. There were rightists, social democrats, conservatives, statists, syndicalists and even some anarchists, even though we had various experiences (…) we were inspired by one idea, the idea of a free, sovereign and independent Poland, we were united,” the prime minister emphasised.

“Such was Fighting Solidarity, we believed in the collapse of communism,” he added.

Solidarność Walcząca (Fighting Solidarity) was established by Kornel Morawiecki in 1982, after the imposition of martial law in Poland (Dec. 13, 1981 – PAP). Fighting Solidarity comprised those Solidarity activists who did not agree with the moderate programme represented by the trade union and favoured more radical actions. The organisation issued underground newspapers, organised street demonstrations and broadcast underground radio programmes. It boycotted the Round Table agreement and results of the partially-free parliamentary elections of June 4, 1989.

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