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The decision of the European Parliament on Hungary does not strengthen the press Secretary of the EU government

A spokesman for the Polish government John Kopchinskaya expressed concern over Warsaw on the decision of the European Parliament to start the procedure of sanctions of the EU against Hungary in accordance with article 7, saying that it does not strengthen the EU.

The European Parliament expressed its consent on Wednesday for Article 7 proceedings to be initiated against Hungary and called on member states to launch procedures. Its aim is to counteract a threat to values lying at the foundation of the European Union, which include: respect for democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

Joanna Kopcińska commented to PAP on the EP decision, drawing attention to the fact that the EU’s motto is unity through diversity. “The EU is based on the principle of mutual respect for differing constitutional, legal and historical traditions of individual countries,” she observed. “Those principles are especially important today when the EU is dealing with problems that it has never had to deal with before.”

She highlighted the migration crisis, loss of trust of many citizens in European institutions and “attempts to break the community’s unity.”

“Those are very serious threats to the EU’s future,” Kopcińska asserted. “Such activities as launching Article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary do not contribute to a strengthening of the EU, on the contrary, they threaten unity, they create unnecessary divisions.”

“In this respect, Poland learnt the news of today’s European Parliament decision with great concern,” she continued, noting that the EU is based on dialogue. “And solving this sort of dispute should be based on dialogue rather than dictates,” she added.

“We are in solidarity with the Hungarian nation, which in recent elections granted the government of Viktor Orban very clear democratic legitimacy. The voice of citizens and individual states, and the whole European Union should be key in taking decisions about the future of Europe,” Kopcińska stressed.

The decision to launch Article 7 procedures against Hungary was supported by 448 MEPs to 197 with 48 abstentions. MEPs of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party voted against while those of the opposition Civic Platform supported the move.

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