The Prime Minister praises the scouts as the future of Poland

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote to the country’s scouts on Twitter on Wednesday that they are showing themselves to be Poland’s future.
Earlier in the day, the PM visited the centenary rally of the Polish Scouting Association (ZHP) at the Sobieszewska island in Gdańsk (northern Poland). The scouts presented the head of the cabinet with a neckerchief and a framed picture of a performance from Tuesday – when 12,000 rally participants made up a live red and white flag.

“The live flag created by you, Scouts,” PM Morawiecki tweeted, “is a beautiful sign of your patriotism.”

“100 years ago,” he added, “the scouting movement was born together with an Independent Poland and wrote a beautiful page for those testing years.”

“Today,” the PM emphasised, “with your attitude you are showing that you are the future of Poland. Czuwaj! (a scout motto meaning “be prepared” – PAP).”

This year’s ZHP rally celebrates the centenary of the organisation and of Poland regaining independence. Having started on Monday, it features around 13,000 scouts (aged from 6 to 21), including 500 foreign guests from 27 countries and Polish scouts from Canada and the United States. In addition, a 1,000-strong staff is tasked with the operation of the rally.

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