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According to the PM, the Government will present rural plan

The mechanism for price stabilization, the resumption of mergers of surplus crops and simplified marketing mechanisms for farmers are envisaged in the framework of the agricultural development program announced on Wednesday by Prime Minister Matos Moravetsky.

Morawiecki, on Wednesday in Głogów, northern Poland to canvass rural votes in this autumn’s local elections, said he could not imagine the Polish economy without a strong agricultural sector. Morawiecki observed that especially local governments had it in their power to aid agricultural growth, and assured that with the right development policy agriculture could become a powerhouse behind the entire national economy.

Morawiecki said the government will shortly announce a development plan for agriculture, which will among others introduce price steadying mechanisms and simpler sales procedures for agri products. He added that the programme’s full implementation will take time as it had to make up for “years of negligence,” but assured that his government was determined to put in to force.

“I cannot imagine a strong Polish economy without a strong Polish agricultural sector. Polish agriculture (…) not only has a very promising future and enormous growth prospects, but can be the driving force of economic growth in Poland. In good partnership with local government, Polish agriculture can make the Polish economy strong,” Morawiecki said.

Morawiecki said the programme also foresaw the resumption of government crop buyups as a price-steadying instrument, and announced plans to form a state-run agricultural production group. He also informed about planned changes in retail laws to make agricultural sales easier.

Morawiecki said the new retail regulations could be expected around September-October.

He also announced plans to create a PLN 5 billion (EUR 1.2 billion) government fund to finance local roadbuilding projects, and said this could bring visible improvement to Poland’s local road network in the next 2-3 years.

The PM also encouraged the purchase of Polish products, and appealed to “let economic patriotism mark out our path to a stronger Poland.”

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