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EC unfair on Polish reforms

Poland’s position in anticipation of the hearings on article 7 on Tuesday in Brussels is that the EU introduced the unfair and often incorrect report on the reform of Poland, said foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz Monday in Luxembourg.

On Tuesday Poland will become the first EU country in the Community’s history to be heard by the EC in a rule of law procedure under the EU’s sanctioning Article 7. The procedure was imposed on Warsaw last December over reforms of the Polish justice system which the EC fears may impede the independence of courts.

Czaputowicz, in Luxembourg for a meeting of EU defence and foreign ministers, told the TVP Info news channel that the Tuesday hearing was important as it enabled Poland to present its stand in the matter. He added that Warsaw considered the EC’s opinion regarding the Polish reforms to be unfair and untrue, and that this will be the official Polish position at the Tuesday hearing.

“We’ve done nothing wrong, but it’s all been presented unfairly and untruthfully. We will want to present our stand, how things really are,” Czaputowicz told TVP Info.

The European Commission triggered the Article 7 procedure against Poland in December 2017 over what it saw as serious threats to the independence of courts due to judicial reforms introduced by the government. Warsaw has since made some concessions, but the EC considers them insufficient. Ultimately, the Article 7 procedure could lead to Poland losing its voting rights in the EU Council, however the sanction requires unanimity by the member states.

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