President Duda appointed a new Minister of agriculture

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda on Wednesday appointed Jan Ardanowski Deputy Chairman of the Polish Sejm (lower house) Committee on agriculture, the new agriculture Minister after his predecessor Krzysztof Yurgel resigned on Monday.

Reporting on Jurgiel’s resignation, the Agriculture Ministry said the move was due to personal reasons.

PM Morawiecki said in Berlin on Tuesday that Ardanowski was going to present a special package for agriculture soon.

“Today the drought is a great problem in agriculture,” PM Morawiecki said. “We’ll definitely be presenting certain programmes to alleviate the consequences of this natural disaster,” he added.

Polish farmers are concerned about the prolonged period of hot and dry weather which is endangering the country’s grain harvest.

Ardanowski told PAP on Tuesday that in the new role he would focus on the strategic future of Polish agriculture and making good use of its huge potential.

Ardanowski (57) previously worked at the Agriculture Ministry – in 2005-2007 he was deputy minister when the now-ruling Law and Justice was previously in power.

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